So many times I’ve lost the default credentials for the Dahua IPC’s (IP Cameras) and NVR.

If you lost your password for your IP camera then I’ve got the complete list of all Dahua default credentials for you right here!

Username: admin – Password: admin
Username: 00000 – Password: 00000
Username: 66666 – Password: 66666
Username: 88888 – Password: 88888
Username: admin – Password: 123456
Username: admin – Password: 1234567a
Username: admin – Password: 123456789
Username: default – Password: default
Username: root – Password: vixxv (only using telnet)

And if you wonder what the default IP is for the Dahua IP camera I got you covered.
The default IP address for the Dahua IPC is:

If you have found other passwords for these camera’s be sure to let me know in the comment section.
This should be the most updates and accurate password list for the Dahua camera systems.


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